458 Multi-functional Crawler-type Deep Hole DTH Drilling rig







458 Internal combustion (458D electric) crawler-type deep hole drill rig adopts diesel motor (electric motor). Hydraulic oil pump unit offers power to hydraulic motor moving, turn around, propulsion and lifting, and angle orientation of oil cylinder, etc. When drill is working, only the down-hole hammer consumes the compressed air.

The Drill is used for water well, geothermic air-conditioner drilling operation and various stonework blast hole operation; the drill can also realize the process such as breast wall drilling with casing following, conduct drilling grouting hole of the hydropower cofferdam, grouting hole for dyke seepage control and grouting hole for base enforcement and anchor hole, etc. 


Main Technical Parameters
Drilling diameter follow-pipe Φ114-Φ219mm
down-hole Φ90-Φ200mm
Drilling depth following-pipe40m
Working air pressure 1.2-2.4MPa
Air consumption 11-25 m³/ min
The biggest pipe-rod changing length 3m
Propulsion power 6000kgf
Moving Speed 2km/h
Gradeability 24°
Power (Diesel drive or electric drive) internal combustion 56KW (Yuchai Brand, Cummins is optional)
electric 30KW
Outer size(length×width×height) 6900×2200×2200mm(transportation state)
Weight 6200kg
Dust removol Wet type(optional)