GL120YW Multifunctional Drilling Rig







The GL120YW drill is the bundled product of drill and general engineering machinery, it is a multi‐functional machine which can change the connecting method in order to meet the working requirements and it is easy to transform.


The GL120YW has reliable performance and many functions. It is used for blast‐hole drilling of mining, transportation construction, power engineering, rock excavation and anchoring.


Technical Parameter OF GL120YW DTH drill rig
Application  Drilling Type  Drilling Depth  Drilling Diameter Rock 
Blasting  DTH Hammer & Bit Horizontal Hole Depth: 40m   Vertical Hole Depth: 30m  φ90‐φ140mm  Above Medium Hardness 
Stone Presplitting Tunnelling  Guide rail Hammer Drill  Horizontal Hole Depth: 20m  Vertical Hole Depth: 12m φ45 φ55  φ64 φ76  φ89mm  Above Medium Hardness 
Anchoring  Cutting Auger Bit  Horizontal Hole Depth: 20m 
Vertical Hole Depth: 15m
φ90‐φ150mm  Soft Rock Strong Air‐slake   Frozen Earth, Colloidal Clay 
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 7128*1960*3800mm  Walking and Turning Control Operated Type – Two Joysticks + Foot Treadle 
Air Pressure  1.05‐2.4Mpa  Max. Tractive Force  51.9 KN (5296 kgf) 
Max. Horizontal Drilling Height  4000mm  Max. Traveling Speed (High) 4.0 km/h 
Min. Horizontal Drilling Height  580mm  Max. Traveling Speed (Low) 2.2 km/h 
Compensate Length  600mm  Grade Ability  20° 
Carriage Length  4600mm  Rotate Speed  0‐80 rpm 
Max. Rotation Torque  252 kgm  Hydraulic Fluid Volume (Change) 
Working Weight  7000 kg  Fuel Tank  120L (100L) 
Hose Parker(USA) Radiator  10.3L 
Engine  YANMAR(Japan) Engine  10.5L (6.0L) 
Hydraulic System  REXROTH (Germany) End Drive  1.5L Each 
Cab  Air conditioned Rotation Drive  1.5L 
Working Device and Rotation  All Operated Type Hydraulic System  110L (70L)